The mission of Reiki is to guide towards a peaceful and pleasant life, heal others and increase both our happiness and that of others.

Mikao Usui

The session is usually set with relaxing music. The Reiki master places his hands on different parts of the body, the energy points connected with the chakras. ... It is simply a matter of placing your hands and staying that way for a few minutes.

How is a Reiki session

During the session, the client remains on the stretcher, with clothes and without shoes.

The therapist places his hands in different areas of the body sending energy.

What it feels like in a Reiki session:

There are people who feel very relaxed, other people experience emotions, others feel the energy flow through their body and some do not feel anything special, but even so, the energy always works in a beneficial way, physically and emotionally.

After treatment:

They feel relaxed and much calmer

The effect lasts for several days after the session

They sleep better

Helps unlock emotions

Number of sessions to be carried out

For a chronic disease, four sessions are recommended (one a week).

To regain energy, strength, or simply to relax, one or two sessions is enough.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, prolonged sessions are recommended (one a week).

Sesión de Reiki


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