"What you think is what you attract"

Richard Bandler


Consultation and treatment through video conferencing allow the therapist and patient to have a real-time contact with the advantage of having all the nonverbal information and face the situation of therapy.

To maintain contact between sessions email will be used as necessary for shipping and return material evaluation (self records, questionnaires, etc.) , Answer questions about homework or deepen some aspect of the previous session.
Videoconference sessions will last approximately 60 minutes weekly frequency will generally be spaced as may advance the treatment and customer win independence. The existence of technical problems have no impact on the real- time session.

Programs available videoconferencing: skype, with others option if you prefer.

How it works?

1. Hire sessions secure payment through Paypal.
2. Complete the ” Request an appointment “.
3. We will contact you to arrange the first appointment within 24-72 hours of working days of receipt.
4. Log through the medium according to the instructions indicated that you send.


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