A negative mind will never give you a positive life

NLP THERAPIES unlike other conventional therapies, focuses on the desired state of the person, with results that can be immediate, profound and sustainable over time. ...

Face-to-face and online sessions
Maybe you want to eliminate fear, stress and anxiety from your life
Increase your self esteem
Improve your relationships with others
Live more relaxed and ultimately be a little happier


- Fear of emptiness, abandonment, rejection, guilt.
- Insecurity, and stage fears to speak in public, or in general before life.
- Relationship problems.
- Emotional blocks.
- Depression.
- Anxiety.
- Stress.
- Dependencies.
- Compulsive behaviors.
- Apathy.
- Demotivation.
- Personality conflicts. Pride, shame, excess control, attachments, etc.
- Low self-esteem.
- Emotional instability.
- Pessimism.
- Inconstancy.
- Sexuality problems.
- Emotional dependence.
- Grief, loss.
- Affective deficiency.
- Anorexia Bulimia. Feeding problems
- Phobias.
- Trauma
- Allergies of psychosomatic type.
- Learning difficulty.
- Lack of concentration.
- Psychosomatic illnesses.

Effects you can achieve by doing NLP therapy

- Self-control.

- Motivation.

- Improve relationships.

- Understand situations and people.

- Change behaviors.

- Flexibility.

- Integrate emotions.

- Release pain and suffering.

- Emotional unblocking.

- Calm down in trouble.

- Self-confidence.

- Increase self-esteem.

- Change limiting beliefs.

- Eliminate judgments that condition.

- Understand the meaning of life.

- Recover illusion.

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