The Family has a memory, what comes to light from it is a gift to us.

Bert Hellinger

Family Constellations, individual session:

The individual constellation is a therapeutic tool where the constellator and client enter the family energy field, thus allowing an awareness of the different dynamics that affect the problem to be solved.This work is recommended for anyone who wants to approach to look at a concrete problem of his life.

Anyone who has:

o Difficulties with personal, work or family relationships.

o Dysfunctional emotional problems.

o People with labor and / or business problems.

o Problems in the behavior of the children.

o Problems with your goals or objectives or with your success in life.

o Especially the limiting situations that recur often in your life

o Problems with parents or siblings.

o Difficulties in relationships with other people.

o Loss and grief - Overcoming tragic events.

o Problems in the workplace.

o Choice or change of profession or employment.

o Advice on professional projects (freelancers, entrepreneurs ...)

o Organizational or management problems in companies.

o Problems in the company.

o Professional choices or dilemmas.

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