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If you have attended a workshop or attended an individual session at the centre and would like to leave a comment about your experience please do so at the bottom.



The NLP therapy and the best type of professional like Alicia, helped me rediscover the path of knowing how to live life. Thank you so much .

Diego : May 2014

images (6)With just two sessions of NLP  my life has changed for the better , now I feel more positive , with more confidence and secure in myself. It is an experience I recommend as it really helps you to move forward. A big hug and above all, thank you very much !!!!!!

María José :  October  2014


flower2Let me share with you my experience to serve as a help for others. For some time I had problems with my daughters school, and started feeling really bad. I felt apathetic, down, and felt  very distressed. I am a happy person by nature but tough times come in life leaving one lost. Very early on with my therapies  with Alicia I started to feel better , more peaceful inside and with myself . The anguish left after the first visit and I noticed massive change after the second when I really got it. I really recommend this therapy  as it was a great help, for sure we will need help  along our lives without using  medication which completely nullifies your personality. Alicia thank you very much for your help.  Marilo : December 2014


beautiful-flowers-onAlicia carried out a  therapy for my phobia of lifts. I walked up and down stairs for many years of my life, even if I had to climb the eleventh floor. With one session the phobia is gone. I encourage all people who suffer from any kind of fears, phobias because it is totally effective therapy.

Maria : April 2014


flower 3

I have attended several sessions of Family Constellations with Alicia. It has been a difficult experience to explain , each different,  but  have helped me a lot in my personal life solving problems by changing attitudes that were not helpful to healthier and more efficient alternatives. I recommend and encourage you to assist any of Alicia’s workshops as they will probably change something in you, and in your life for the good. A greeting and thanks Alicia .

Marisol  : December 2014

Flower1 With Alicia’s NLP therapies there was a before and after in my life. Logically we have to want a change. Alicia is an excellent professional, who I can not recommend enough.

Yenice :  March 2014


descarga (2)I had two therapies with Alicia with very good results, I have also attended a family constellation workshop which was incredible, but requires a certain respect.

Pilar  March 2014



imagesI attended the Family Constellation Workshop. This therapy is very beneficial. Over time  my life has changed for the better. Resolving matters that I would have never thought of without having had this experience. I am grateful to Alicia and all those  involved in the family constellations workshop.

I encourage those who do not dare, to prove it is always for the good of yourself and also those around us. Thank you again.

                                     Maria _: March 2014 . . .

Katie Moragne

Hi!  On the 5th of this month, I attended my first workshop of Family Constellations. I must say I’ve always been skeptical about such therapies. But I went voluntarily and, this time, with an open mind and excited but, with that doubt about the unknown. My surprise was that, by participating I felt something different to me. It was a good feeling . Alicia led the workshop with professionalism, kindness, understanding and great respect. She is a wonderful therapist who is helping  people who get stuck in negative loops in which, on numerous occasions and sometimes unconsciously, we’re in, solving the problem as we see our life from another perspective. I think that the right word for me is growing. It’s exactly what Alicia does, she teaches us to grow and find what is right for us. And because  everything is related, our loved ones, friends and  work colleagues perceive something new, something good.  Thank you, Alicia! You are great !!

                                      Rosa : April 2014

images (3)I remember well March 2013 , although I’d rather not.  About this time as a result of a  long process and several events throughout my life  I was totally lost and out of control of myself. my life was out of control, both as a professional , emotionally as well as my passion . I want it known that thanks to Alicia , a true professional, my life began to change .

We probably had  about 6 to 7 sessions , though to tell the truth  from the third, or fourth session , I started to take control of my life . Today I am just a  few weeks away from opening my own business !

THANK YOU ALICIA ! My emotional state changed, it markedly improved THANK YOU ALICIA ! Today I can say that I choose with whom I wish to share my time THANK YOU ALICIA ! Even now I still would still take a session to further strengthen my personal growth.

I would recommend Alicia and NLP therapies, especially for anyone who wants to improve or relieve any emotional state or limitations  that we create throughout our lives.

Ya I miss you Alicia , A tight tight hug , Victoria

                                     Victoria  : 2014 



  1. Jenifer on April 12, 2018 at 3:07 pm said:

    I have had quite a few sessions with Alicia as well as attending several family constellation workshops. Alícia is so professional and the NLP process she uses is very beneficial. I feel a shift in several areas of my life which have felt quite stuck. The family constellations model she uses is absolutely amazing and very useful in seeing in great clarity the issues. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alícia to anyone looking to grow and heal. I was so impressed I took my daughter to her and she has also benefited

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